Celebrating Ten Years in the Blogosphere

2012 marks the tenth anniversary of publishing my thoughts, feelings and experiences online in the format of blogs. It also marks the fifteenth anniversary of my maintaining an online presence, which began with a simple Angelfire vanity site that I built using notepad and then later Dreamweaver. The phrase “old and nerdy” definitely springs to mind.

To celebrate my tenth year in the blogosphere, I will be republishing a blog post every month from each of my ten years. But I really must add the following disclaimer:

Many of my very early (and not so early) blog posts are ridiculously cringe worthy. This is due to both subject matter and spelling and grammar concerns. But to be fair, I was nineteen and impressively self-absorbed when I began writing them. They are also highly identifiable. All of my twenty-teen concerns about maintaining people’s privacy and not talking about work online were simply non existent in the early naughties. As such, when republishing particular posts I may edit some details so that they are a little less blatantly identifying. But I shall endeavour to stay true to their original tone.

So stay tuned for a journey through time and space, and please, try to be kind and non-judgemental. These were my formative years afterall.

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