The year I first began blogging was my second year of university and my first foray into having a reasonably extensive group of friends that I enjoyed drinking with. As such, my blog posts from this time mostly consist of bitching about a reception job, studying biochemistry, internet quizzes, photos of my pets, and detailed recounts of evenings spent drinking.

It also seemed to be the year I shunned appropriate capitalisation and using apostrophes to develop some kind of ‘writing style’. Retrospectively I can say that it just looks sloppy, but it’s hard to argue with a past version of yourself. I clearly hadn’t adopted any kind of style or structure for blogging and everything was a random collection of thoughts, usually written as I was having them.

The entry I have chosen to republish represents the closest I came to something that could be considered a proper blog post. It also rather amused me as I think I am slowly becoming the subject matter of this post. Except instead of glassware, I have Tupperware and instead of a Volvo, I am aspiring to a Mini.


12 May 2002 – 2:42 pm

today i set new standards in the realm of clashing footwear! (blue w maroon)

i just caught my dog barking at her reflection… oh dear. she’s gone nuts.

just came back from mothers day picnic and am regretting not taking camera as i have devloped the following criterium for spotting western suburbian picnics….


please not that this applies to brisbane, australian residents only – although these people are everywhere


These people bring seating with them to picnics, usually in the form of an overpriced canvas seating, or camping sets of chairs w built in beverage holders.


Note the cutlery and glass wear. If people bring objects made out of glass and metal, this can be an important indication of western suburban origin.


The prescence of childrens toys such as scooters, wagons and colourful kites. Each of which is more expensive than you entire picnic basket, including the sponge cake you were so proud of.


Note the alcohol consumption and chatter while children play around them. Alcohol must be beer for the men and champagne for the ladies. all consumed in expensive glassware.


The afore mentioned chatter must consist of the three Rs (Rugby, Rules and/or Rowing), PTA goings on and plastic surgery (although this tends to be mentioned by the females).


If you are still in doubt as to the origin of your fellow picnicers dont forget to sneak a peak at the car park. today i observed several 4WDs and a mercedes, a BMW and a Lexus all parked in a pretty little row. Also be on the look out for new (post 1995) volvos.

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