The Men of My Dreams

I'm not sure if it's the hot-cold-hot-hot-cold spring air, or the heady scent of jasmine floating about the suburb, but I just can't seem to get a small collection of men out of my head. I'm used to having one or two cute men floating around my head in the background while I go about the daily grind. But right now? Right now I have five. And frankly, they're getting a little bit hard to juggle.

As is to be expected, each of the five carries with him a certain dorkish charm, although they're a reasonably diverse bunch. The men of my dreams range from the 'awww cute' (the postman) to the 'wildly inappropriate' (my university lecturer). Yet all of them have something wonderful in common – all of them are completely unattainable.

Normally this sort of thing would drive me crazy, but in the spring of 2011 the absolute last thing I am ready to deal with is the prospect of getting serious with someone. There are a few pretty solid reasons for this – but suffice it to say I am just not ready. Maybe next year.


In the meantime having five safe, harmless crushes rushing wildly through my head is more than I need. And I have to admit, it is rather delightful.

The most recent addition to 'the list' is the Man from the Bathroom Supply Store. While not technically dorky, he has a certain charm. I'm not sure if it was his bright blue eyes with the cheeky crinkles, or his strong looking hands, but my 'fantasy bathroom' suddenly has some new dimensions. If only I hadn't lost his number … :)

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