My So Called Love Life.

This is one of a small collection of 'unpublished' blog posts I have half written this year. This one particularly amuses me because I recall writing it in a Alanis-inspired, wine fuelled, at-home dancing rampage. The original date on it was Tuesday (!!), 29 March 2011 11:22:16 pm, however I'm fairly certain that the bulk of it was written in late June.

I suspect the only reason it wasn't published at the time was because I did not have the access to the relevant YouTube clips. Also, I was drunk and not emotionally distant enough to hit publish (see, I told you I had a filter).

I have added links and uploaded a song so seemingly obscure that I had to rip it from the CD. Old school.

I have left the typos in for your own amusement. Enjoy!


To date my love life has been little more than a series of false starts and a string of disappointments. Frankly, if I broke down each and every one of my would be romances for you individually, we'd be here for hours. Suffice it to say that enough time seems to pass between each instance of so called love that I seem to feel it's after effects most acutely and yet seemingly constantly.

But I'm trying something new. I'm trying to be what some would term "glass half full". I'm not always entirely successful at this, but one must do ones best.

Like, do you remember that time I was in love with that boy and I discovered that band called speedstar*? Or that time I was in love with that other boy and discovered a band called Elbow?

And then there was that time that after bein rejected by a boy that I delighted in new friends and bought tickets to see Eddie Perfect (boozily on my iPhone). And there was that time when I was disgruntled in men in general (there're buttheads you know) and I fell in love with Dan Sultan. And then there was that time I was lusting after a boy to the max and I discovered Magic Dirt. Those were they days.

I guess what I'm saying is that despite ongoing heartbreak and a seemingly endless void of cranky angst, I've gotten a few good tunes out of it. So that's pretty rad.

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