Well, my new years eve/day celebrations had just about everything – good food, good friends, good booze, amazing hot tubs, sausage dogs, Bailey's, obligatory 3am tears, bad movies, more beer and more great friends. Still, as I morosley expressed in last night's hot tub, I've been struggling to get excited about 2011.

I was really pumped for 2010. It was going to be my year – totally. awesome. But I've walked away feeling a bit meh. And while in many ways I have totally kicked butt this year, there have been some rather unfun and unsavoury moments that have removed some of life's gloss.

I suppose you could probably just consider these knocks and scrapes the stuff of 'growing up', but my gosh – don't they just suck balls? I mean, seriously? Why must life keep twisting and turning and requiring me to friggin' learn things about myself?? All of this 'self reflection' and 'growing as a person' malarkey is really very taxing on my mood, my body and yes, I'm going to say it – my bank balance.

And yet, in typical Anne fashion I have an enormous list of things to achieve in the coming year. So in keeping with tradition, here is my list of resolutions for 2011, in no particular order:

  • Learn how to ride a bike
  • Drink less, sew more
  • Pay off credit debt in order to consider new and more bountiful debt aka 'a mortgage'
  • Seek professional supervision/mentoring
  • Consider studying again
  • Start up dance/dance-fitness again – rediscover the joy of movement!
  • Go back to Weight Watchers – things have gotten out of hand. It's time.
  • Be kinder to myself – recognise and value the diversity within.
  • Start accepting set-ups and blind dates. Seriously, what is there left to lose?
  • And when it comes to romance – just chill. the. fuck. out. And be brave. 

I have extremely mixed feelings about the year ahead. But at the same time I feel quite determined to work on the above list. So what do you reackon peeps? Do you think I can do it all?

I think that maybe I can.

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