On The Road Again

On a lighter note, heres something I wrote earlier in the week, pre-flood

Have you ever been to a restaurant and eaten something so wonderful that every time you go back, you just can’t bring yourself to order anything else? Well, I think I’m starting to get that way with travel. Except that instead of the seafood banquet with mud crab and the pasta marinara, I find myself reordering Japan and the United States.

Having not made it overseas until I was 20, I’ve never really considered I myself much of a globetrotter. Especially not with a never ending stream of friends and acquaintances packing up their lives and living overseas in various exotic locales.

The first time I went overseas was in 03/04 with a group of friends. We went to the UK and had rad times despite the freezing cold and being in Edinburgh the year that hogmany was cancelled. We also went to Amsterdam, stayed in the red light district and in a rather unexpected turn of events, spent much more time seeing great art than being stoned. Which was actually quite nice.

Since then I’ve explored a modest number of countries with Japan and America being my favourites so far. Japan, because it’s never what you expect, and it’s fun to just roll w the crazy. Oh, and they have heated toilet seats – awesome! And America because the people are fab, the men are gorgeous and bookstores are open till 11pm every night. Actually, it’s very possible that I just like countries with economies and populations so big that I can shop whenever I want.

Maybe that’s why I like Melbourne so much? (but not in that incredibly snobby – oh, it’s just so European and so much cooler than Brisbane sort of way)

And if me writing a blog post on my iPad in a well-furnished apartment in Neiseko, Japan hadn’t already given it away, I should probably mention that I am not the backpacking kind. I travelled with a backpack once. Never again.

These days most of my travel, both domestic and international is centered around professional development and visiting friends. Destination weddings are my favorite so far, they bring together such a great collection of people – something I find myself pining for these days.

Yes, now that we’re all hot young professionals kicking bottom in the real world, travel with peers is so much rarer. These days, most folk travel with their partners and the rest of us just book in holidays whenever we can and try to find travel buddies later. And as much as I am adoring this incredibly lush, incredibly awesome trip to Japan, watching bunches of mates, young families and couples in love rock out while I chill with my parents and 16 year old bro is tougher than I expected.

Of course this is not helped by the fact that something about air travel alway makes me really randy.

And I cant help but ponder what I always ponder when I travel, when o when am I going to get to do this with a partner that I can have all sorts of crazy holiday sex with?

Sigh. A girl can dream.

Meanwhile, here is a picture of me in the snow! And yes, my worrisome father has insisted that I wear a helmet when skiing. I’m not sure when helmets became in-vogue skiing attire. But they’re everywhere!

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  1. they became holiday attire when famous people started falling over and dying from head injuries on the slopes…it had porbably happened heaps before it happened to anyone famous though…You do look smashing.

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