Digital Crushes.

When you read a lot of blogs, frequent a lot of social media platforms, and are a total nerd, you're bound to develop the odd digital crush. I'd say I develop one at least once a year. It's strange to think that upon reading someones blog, their status updates or tweets you can start to get an inkling that they may in fact be your digital soulmate. 

Alas, these illusions are often shattered, usually when your crush updates their profile picture to one that includes a partner. Or they blog about their partner and children. Or they live in a different country. 

Maybe it's because I'm a blogger/writer, but when I read people's words, experiences and thoughts and they're funny, smart and similar to my own, I start to get a little bit smitten. And oh, don't even get me started about what happens when the online flirting commences. 

I've never managed to progress a digital crush into the real world, which is probably a good thing. I guess it's just nice to know there are folk out there who could be compatible with you and know that they are real people – not just characters in tv shows (I <3 you Ted Mosby!). Despite being just as unattainable. 

Still, it is an interesting phenomenon of our digital age to see someone you've never met pop up in your feeds, sigh and think – they're the one! 

PS – Did I mention that Sleepless in Seattle is my fave romantic pic?

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