My True Love? Must Love Fonts.

 So I've been getting a lot of advice lately. And considering that I have a great job and a great flat, the only thing that's really left for me to be getting advice about is relationships. I once casually commented to a friend that while I am good at many, many things, getting into a relationship is not one of them. And while at the time I think I was deflecting the ever prickly "How are you still single?" question, I actually think the statement is quite accurate. Heck, my ineptitude on this matter could easily be seen as a 'key theme' of this blog. But I have a bit of a problem. While people love dispensing advice on this issue, it tends to be very conflicting. Currently, the advice seems to be centred around the following themes:

  1. Hold out for the right guy, he'll come along
  2. Be less picky – get out there and just let someone (anyone!) into your life
  3. Just chill the frick out

Confused and vaguely irritated by all of this I decided to have a look at the Selection Criteria I developed a little over a year ago. Interestingly, it seems that the streams of advice I was receiving at the time were much the same as they are now. And I still concur with the realisation that lead me to develop them – that not having Selection Criteria can lead to some serious, unmitigated disasters. 

A lot has happened in a year and the lessons I've learnt have changed the criteria in some rather unexpected ways. There are some fundamental incompatibilities in the mix that I never even considered. Like a requiring a man to fit into latex-free condoms – they don't come in extra-large. Seriosuly. Who'd have thought something like that could ever be a problem? Turns out, it's pretty significant.**

So I've revised the Selection Criteria. The following is a list of qualities that I am looking for in a man in October, 2010. And before you get all high'n'mighty about me using this list to keep men away I would just like to comment that not only do I reserve the right to throw the Criteria out the window for someone I really like, but that I think you should be proud of me. I actually think there are less criteria than before.

And! I know that men like this exist, it's just they don't always meet SC6 -but they do help me keep the faith.


SC1 – Demonstrated ability to empathise with others and respect difference. 

SC2 – Demonstrated ability to maintain a non-judgmental attitude towards others – including their partner in crime.

SC3 - Demonstrated capacity to maintain witty and articulate communications with partner in crime and key stakeholders.

SC4 – An understanding of basic design principles, including an appreciation of vintage art deco fonts. 

SC5 – An interest in or passion for a creative endeavour. Creative endeavours may include, but are not limited to writing, photography, art or web design.

SC6 – Must. Be. Single.

**While I have not included this as a specific criteria, I think it probably falls under SC 1 & 2. I need a lover who would be respectful and understanding of my oh-so-sensitive skin. Also, I think it would be a bit crass to have a selection criteria around penis size.

2 thoughts on “My True Love? Must Love Fonts.

  1. wow, I can safely say our selection criteria is nothing a like (except SC1) which surprises me a little. But it is probably a good thing given my track record!!
    Mine is:
    SC1 – motivated and passionate (about anything I am not very selective – I just want to know there is passion in there)
    SC2 – intellectually stimulates me
    SC3 – sexually stimulates me and compatible (I will be more crass then you)
    SC4 – a job in social justice (inc. artists/ policy analysts etc) or a high paid job which allows them to support social justice projects, inc. my own
    SC5 – adventurous and willing to live in remote areas

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