Wanted: Members to Form a Pop Comedy Trio

There are many things I yearn for, a mini coup, spiritual enlightenment or the ultimate pair of knee high biker boots. But being a member of a Pop Comedy Trio is pretty high up on the list. Somewhere near an iPad or a laptop with a 13" screen and full sized keyboard that I can toss in my handbag and run around town with (come on Steve, I know you can do this for me). 

Why a Pop Comedy Trio? Well, have you ever heard of the Australian Pop Comedy Trio called Tripod? They're pretty funny. And they have a song that I adore. It's about a hot girl in the comic shop.

Why is this so important? Well, because every time I see a hot boy out of context, I am filled with a tremendous desire to sing a popular, comedic song about it. 

I can hear what you're thinking – it's all very well to want to sing a comedic pop song about hot boys out of context, but how often does that actually happen? Often enough. 

Like when there was a hot boy in the op shop – I didn't know what to do. Between the 1980s sewing patterns, and the faux-crystal glassware. There he was, a very hot man, shopping for an ironic costume.

Or the one time, I saw a very hot boy at the organic bakery. He didn't even have dreadlocks, or oversized hemp-woven pants. He wore, nice clothes, was reading the paper – did he even know where he was? I just sighed and drank my organic ginger beer, and keep reading about society (it was actually a text book about futures planning, inspired by a yummy dose of postmodern social theory! #nerd).

Or that one time, I saw hot men, all over the Lifeline Bookfest. I did not expect it and wished I'd dressed, a lot more sexily. And also that I wasn't holding, a book called "How to get dumped". 

Unfortunately for me and my budding creativity, I cannot sing, play an instrument, or write anything even resembling comedic verse. For now, I shall just have to satisfy myself with free-form blogging, and the ability to embed YouTube clips to give my words some context.

Sigh. It's just not the same. 

So I have to ask, is anyone out there looking for a hapless single gal to make their Pop Comedy Duo a Trio? I can play the cow bell, and have good ideas! Well, reasonable ideas. Oh! And I can also play 'Ode to Joy' on the recorder. And dance ironically!

How can you say no to that??

*crickets chirping*

2 thoughts on “Wanted: Members to Form a Pop Comedy Trio

  1. Ha! It’s wasn’t that bad of a book. Although, I would’ve given it back to Lifeline had there not been a chapter on hormones and emotional attachment that I was quite fond of…
    Do they may self-help books for men? Or is that just what the Lad Lit genre is for? Either way, you never know, you could be on the money!

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