The End of (online) Dating?

Recently, the following went down on Facebook ….

Who is that guy? Well, Paul happens to be my father. And his comment? Did not immediately feel G-rated. It was! But for a moment there I felt worried that it wasn't.

My poor parents. Sometimes my singleness seems to utterly confound them. So much so that when I told my mother I was internet dating, she actually seemed relieved. I'm not sure how she's going to take it when I tell her that by and large, internet dating has proven completely fruitless and I'm getting ready to 'take a break'. Also that I recently made what I would consider the nerdiest book purchase in the world (my rationale being: "well, as a single woman who writes about her life, it's important that I understand the discourse to which I contribute. Plus, as a social worker, I can tax deduct it!").

The particular dating website I have been using – the serious 'you-pay-money-and-get-personality-tested' one has definitely an interesting experience. You see, on this site you don't just message people – you undergo a process of 'guided communication'. As ridiculous as it is, it actually kind of works. For example, there was the guy who asked me (in multiple choice format) how I felt about traditional gender roles. Never heard from him again. 

Or there was the guy who listed punctuality as a 'must have' characteristic of a potential partner. *cough*

My favourite was a guy who listed "cleanliness" as a 'must have' and "poor personal hygiene" as a 'can't stand'. As I sent my responses I glanced at the mountains of clothes on my floor, reflected on my most recent fridge magnet purchase ("we can't both look good – it's me or the house") and thought to myself – gee, he's probably not going to like me. And true to form as communication 'blossomed' and I mentioned that I didn't really like bush walking – I never heard from him again.

Which begs the question – do I really have to fake an interest in bushwalking just to get a man? Because I really don't want to.

Exasperated. Sigh.

Still, No Man June seems to be going well. I just had my first 100% man free weekend in like, forever. Instead of sex/kissing/flirting, I crafted. Perhaps I can replace men with sewing projects? 

As if my bulging wardrobe didn't have enough problems. Still, a good fabric stash, a bunch of thrifted patterns and a brand new battery operated device might just get me through the rest of the month.

Indeed, I might even find time to play a bit of Wii.

One thought on “The End of (online) Dating?

  1. You know what craft stands for? Can’t Root A F*cking Thing! Keep the craft days a plenty for June and you will be just find kiddo!

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